Louisville, Kentucky

Our Louisville based manufacturing facility is set to open soon. For the time being, orders will be fulfilled by other ePac branches, all fully equipped to provide the same great quality and customer service.

Louisville Flexible Packaging

What’s on the outside of your packaging is just as important as what goes into it, so taking the time to craft the perfect packaging is important. At ePac, our state-of-the-art printing methods offer Louisville, KY businesses more options and faster turnaround with digital printed stand up pouches.

digital design, printing perfected

Our business was built from the ground up with digital methods in mind. We streamlined the ordering process to make design less complicated. Each of our locations houses an HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press, bringing versatility and speed to our pouch printing services through:

Reduced Set-up Time: Since digital printing uses PDFs instead of manufactured plates, our method takes much less time so you get your shipment faster.

Variable Imaging: this process allows printing unique images and text on every package, allow you to incorporate multimedia merchandising into your design.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing: With more precise printing, we produce less waste and use a solventless lamination technique in our facilities.

Because we focus on digital processes, we can provide image quality and color consistency to Pouch Bag Design & Making that is unparalleled in the industry. In addition, we can be ready to ship short and medium run orders within 10-15 days of design approval.

stand proud

Our process offers you the freedom to design flexible food packaging that best fits your product’s needs. The ePac customer service team is ready to help you choose the design that’s right for you, including:

Bottom Gusset Pouches
Side Gusset Designs
Incorporated Zipper Seals
Hanging Holes
Tear Notches
Lay-flat Designs

We also offer a variety of materials for our digital printed stand up pouches, like standard PET, Metallized PET and high barrier films with an assortment of finishes.

ease and efficiency with ePac

Don’t get bogged down with traditional boxes and bags. Contact us at (844) 623-8603 to get started on your product designs. By choosing ePac’s digital flexible packaging businesses know that success is in the bag.