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custom flexible packaging for snacks

It comes as no surprise that snack food consumption is on the rise. Consumers turn to snacks as easily accessible sources of nourishment on the go, and they seek packaging that meets the needs of their fast-paced lifestyles. 

Whether you’re a new-to-market snack foods brand or a seasoned veteran of the industry, partnering with a trusted flexible packaging company to produce your custom snack packaging is key.

features of a great snack package 

At ePac, we manufacture stand-up pouches, lay-flat pouches, and roll stock for snack brands of all sizes. Our team of flexible packaging experts will work with you to create a custom package to fit your needs, or you can choose from our standard pouch sizes. Some of the many features available for snack packaging include:

resealable zippers

Resealable pouches give consumers the freedom to eat what they want, when they want, while maintaining a fresh product inside. 

photo-quality images + text

Whether you’re looking for a stand up or lay-flat pouch for your snack product, our high-definition colors and graphics will help you stand out on retail shelves.

durable snack pouches + bags

For today’s on the go consumer, having a package that is durable, puncture-resistant, and ready to “throw and go” is key.

optional hang holes

Add a hang hole to your pouch to display your bag of granola, specialty nut mix, organic popcorn, or protein bar in a variety of retail settings. 

environmentally-friendly snack packaging 

We offer several different types of recyclable films that provide the same level of protection as our standard pouches and rollstock, but designed with the environment in mind. Choose from recyclable, post-consumer recyclable or compostable films to safeguard your snack foods while helping to keep waste out of landfills.

Our digital printing process is much more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient than traditional printing methods. Our carbon-neutral printing presses and compostable inks, paired with our ability to run short and medium-sized runs, gives brands of all sizes the opportunity to execute more promotions and test out limited edition or seasonal flavors without the worry or cost of obsolete packaging. Not to mention, when compared to other types of packaging, flexible packaging almost always yields a higher product-to-package ratio, meaning that consumers get more bang for their buck. To learn more about our sustainable packaging, click here.

partner with a trusted snack packaging manufacturer

If you’re curious whether ePac would be a good partner for your snack food brand, click here to request a quote. 

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