Vancouver, Canada

ePac Vancouver is open for taking orders and ready to serve local and regional brands of all sizes.

Our manufacturing facility is located at:

1750 Coast Meridian Rd #101
Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 6R8, Canada

Vancouver Flexible Packaging

Packaging your perishable products can be a big challenge for small and mid-sized brands. Our goal at ePac is to help you comply with government regulations and meet the needs of your customers by providing you with customized digital flexible packaging. You will be amazed at how our extensive selection of raw materials, films and modern printing methods and short customized runs can help you create the right packaging for your product.

Your customers want to purchase your products in stand-up pouches and flexible food packaging for many reasons. Cardboard and other rigid packaging materials are quickly becoming outdated as sturdy, lightweight film printed with eye-catching graphics displace the older container types. These newer materials are cheaper and easier to transport and store, and the non-toxic films appeal to health-conscience and family-oriented consumers.

build trust with packaging awareness

Our digital printed stand up pouches can make your products look great while demonstrating your commitment to safety and environmental responsibility. The high-quality films we use to protect food products from harmful chemicals also guarantee freshness. Our digital printing platform allows us to use materials that take up less space in the landfills than traditional packaging and need less resources to operate and maintain.

experience superior pouch bag design & making

Our digital printing process allows you to order small runs of packaging with full-color photos and graphics. The mechanics of the printing process will no longer limit your ability to test new products in the market and run unique SKUs or promotional campaigns. We also offer die cuts that allow you to add features such as transparent windows and a variety of other customizable features.